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Terms of use

The Company provides the website for use solely for informational purposes, for internal and private use. The investor agrees not to use the Company's website for purposes other than its direct purpose, and also acknowledges that it understands that the Company under no circumstances is responsible for any losses gained. Loss of profits and other losses and / or damage resulting from the use of the Site by the Company is not for its intended purpose.

The investor agrees and confirms that any use of the content of the Site can not be a guarantee of success in business, and that any content placed on the website, including by external organizations, can not be perceived as direct appeals and guidance to action.

The Company is not liable for any losses and / or damage resulting from the exposure to the website of the Company any viruses, malware, DDoS attacks, and other technically malicious programs and materials that may infect, including your computer, software, databases data and other materials and media associated with the use of the Company's website, or as a result of downloading any content contained on the Company's website.

The Company is not responsible for the content of the websites, hyperlinks, which may be on the Company's website. The company is not responsible for any losses, losses and / or damage resulting from the use of websites linked to the Company Website.

Investor Rights

The investor has the following rights:

- use the website for its intended purpose;

- to register on the Company's website;

- to carry out investment activities using the Company's website and Personal Account;

- for the provision of a Personal Account on the Company's website after passing the registration procedure;

- for payment of interest, provided in the form of a fee for placed investments;

- for payment of the deposit body at the end of the validity period of the relevant investment plan;

- to receive standard referral remuneration within the framework and in accordance with the Company's Partner Program (for more details please attend the section "My Team");

- use all the content of the Site in order to promote the Company's products and its referral link;

- create no more than one account on the Company's website;

- use the Company's customer support in the way and in accordance with these Regulations.

Obligations of the Investor

The Investor agrees with the rules & regulations to duly undertake the following:

- comply with these Rules;

- not to use SPAM;

- not to use any malicious programs that may interfere with the functionality and / or integrity of the Site;

- provide only actual personal data during its registration;

- to be in full legal age at the time of registration on the website;

- show tolerance to other participants and investors;

- not to use the earned funds for illegal purposes;

- not to support funds earned by the Company to donate to illegal and extremist organizations;

- not to use the Site as a means and means for money laundering;

- use only own funds in the investment process;

- not to use borrowed and / or credit funds in the investment process;

- observe the Company's right for intellectual property;

- observe the Company's right to trade secrets, including the right to keep secret details of a private transaction.

Rights of the Company

The Company has the following rights:

- to provide information and consulting services to the Investor;

- suspend or suspend the provision of any information through the website without prior notice for the following reasons;

- adding content to the website;

- updating the content;

- deleting or editing the content of the website;

- urgent system updates services;

- disconnection of power lines;

- due to damage of the process equipment;

- due to damage of the communication systems;

- force majeure circumstances;

- any breakdowns of natural source;

- not to bear any responsibility for inconvenience or problems related to the temporary suspension of the website working resulted from the above-mentioned reasons;

- not be liable for inconveniences and losses associated with the temporary suspension of the provision of services, resulted from the above-mentioned reasons;

- to suspend the provision of services to the Investor in case of his violation of the rules;

- to block the Investor's account in case of his violation of the rules;

- to amend the rules without prior approval;

- to make changes to the content of the website without prior consent;

- to make adjustments and / or additions to investment proposals;

- to introduce new and / or additional electronic payment systems;

- to change the size of partner's award in the increasing direction without preliminary agreement;

- to dispatch to all registered users of the Company;

- to use the Investor's personal data to optimize and to improve the process of investment interaction;

- to cease cooperation with the Investor at any time without explaining the reasons;

- to refuse in cooperation with any participant without prior explanation;

- to provide all possible assistance and support to the Investor within the framework of the rules;

- to provide the Investor with the following data on request within 30 working days upon request;

- to extract records on Investor's funds;

- information about the company's investment activities;

- information about the company's team within the framework of the rules;

- information on the current state of working capital.

Oblgations of the Company

The company is obliged:

- to make payments in the fixed procedure excepting cases when compliance with the payment schedule is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Company;

- to carry out the accrual of interest in the terms fixed by the terms of the investment proposals;

- to provide the Investor with a Personal Account;

- to comply with the Rules and the Privacy Policy;

- to issue advice on the investment process within the framework of the Rules;

- to make payments of partner remuneration;

- to provide the website to the Investor in a fully operational condition except for cases beyond the control of the Company;

- to make maximum efforts to develop investment directions of its activities in order to improve the provision of services to its investors;

- to protect the interests of investors in any economic situation;

- to use all legal methods to provide profits to its investors in a fully declared amount of guaranteed.