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How to become a participant in the project?

It is easy. To participate in the project you have to register. To do this, you should fill out the registration form. You should enter your user name, password, email address. Having registered, you can enter your personal account, fill out the balance of your account and arrange a deposit. Also, do not forget to enter your payment details in the appropriate section of your personal area.

Is there an affiliate program in the project?

The referral program affords 3% out of referral income. We want to achieve a smooth increase in the financial fund of the project, which led to this partnership program. It is described in more detail in the section of the Partnership program.

What payment systems is applied with the project?

You can use Bitcoin (BTC) account for investments. You can use Perfectmoney (PM) account.

You can use Perfectmoney (PM) account.

Can I change the email password in my account?

Your account password can be duly changed. The e-mail address is able to change via the Administrator for security purposes. To proceed, contact the Administrator for any of the specified contacts.

Can I open more than one account?

No, multilevel registration is prohibited. If such accounts are found, all these accounts will be blocked, and the funds at these accounts will be frozen.

How to make a deposit?

You can make a deposit of the project account by registering. Afterwards you can choose a tariff package plan and replenish a deposit. Also you can deposit left balance using the referral reward.

How long does it take to arrange deposit ?

All deposits are credited and become active instantly. Deposits from bitcoins can be registered within up to 48 hours.

What is the min. amount for withdrawing ?

The minimum withdrawal amount is USD5 in the bitcoin equivalent and USD0.1 iusing other financial methods.

Multilingual support?

As the managing project develops, some languages are a subject to add. Meanwhile the English version of the website is available.

How can I track information about my deposits?

Information about your personal account is available 24/7.

If I lose my password, how can I recover it?

To recover the password, follow the link "Password recovery". After you specify the data entered during registration, a link to the receipt will be sent by e-mail.

How can I contact technical support?

Send your question in the form of contacts. Be sure to review the frequently asked questions section before making a request. You can also contact the manager.