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In cases of disputes or disagreements occurred between the Investor and the Company, the resolution of such situations is carried out through bilateral negotiations, without voluntary or compulsory intervention in the negotiation process of third parties. Negotiations are conducted before a full and exhaustive settlement of the conflict situation, with unconditional observance of commercial and / or other interests of both Parties within the framework of the Rules. All content of the website and / or its applications is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Any use of this content must be accompanied by appropriate comments in a form that provides exhaustive and unambiguous information about the rights holders. Any copying of the Site content for the purpose of further commercial use is possible only on the basis of preliminary agreement with the right holders.

The Company reserves

The Company reserves the right to introduce amendments and additions to the Rules without obtaining the consent of the Investor. The Company undertakes to inform investors of such changes and / or additions in the form of news that will be published in the relevant section of the website, as well as via mailings to e-mail addresses of investors and registered participants in the Company, which were indicated by them when registering the Personal Account in the Company. All changes and additions come into force from the moment of publication information on the Company's website. In the event that any change or addition is to come into effect directly from any particular date, this circumstance will be agreed upon additionally.